Flirting Tips For Girls – 7 Tips To Flirt With Boys!

Published: 13th October 2008
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Before many times most of the people considered that only boys have flirting tips. But today the things are being different. Girls can also flirt with boys. Flirting has turned out in one kind of hobby over the world.

The view of flirt is being also changed. Making friends, dating, flirting is becoming so easy with the use of internet and other communication means. Now day's girls have their own flirting tips and techniques.

In this article the girls can get different types of tip which is very useful for them. So if you're attracted to a guy, then you need to flirt, subtly to convey your liking for him. Here are some good flirting tips for girls, ladies, or even teen girls. I have included teen girls because we basically start flirting during our teen years.

Followings are the 7 tips for girls which can be useful for those who want to learn and love to flirt with boys,

1) Boys always expect beautiful girls. So always try to look beautiful. Girl must change her personality & dressing. You don't need expensive and designer cloth. You must change your look.

2) Second tip in flirting is your eyes. The eyes can be your most effective tool for flirting. Make eye contact. Look into the eyes of person you are attracted and make sure that he notices.

3) Third tip of flirting is that let them know that you are interested in him. So the simplest and safest way to do that is SMILE. It is nice way of telling him that you are interested.

4) You must always give chance to him for small talk. Than talking on light hearted topics. Than start talking in his likings or disliking. After that catch their attention on your interest. Listening is also necessary. You also give respond to him but after completing his sentence. He will find a joy talk with you.

5) The way you say is more important than what you say. Use sexy and active voice. Keep the conversation, but nothing is serious.

6) Most important way for flirting for girl is positioning of legs. When you seated with him start by crossing your legs. The higher the top leg moves up the thigh . . . the more interest you are showing.

7) And the last tip for girl is to enjoy yourself. Always happy, smart and clever people attract other people. So when you will meet them be happy so your whole personality may be change.

So these are several tips where you can start practicing how to flirt guys. Great places to start flirting with guys are parties like social occasions, functions, work places, learning place, etc.

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