How to Flirt With A Guy- 5 Easy Ways

Published: 13th October 2008
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Many people think that girls cannot do flirting with a guy. But this thing would be change. Now a day's girl can also do. But there is a one problem that most of girls don't know that hoe to flirt with a guy.

Most of girls don't know is how flirting involves different level of conversation. In addition communication with a guy you have to show your physical attraction. If you can show him an attractive personality, then you will be on your way to creating instant relationship and than flirting will be comes in!

Now if you are not sure how to flirt with a guy, then pay close attention. In this article, you will learn easy ways then you can flirt with a guy:

1. Be aware about your outer look:

When you want to flirt with a guy then the first thing you need to pay attention is your outer look. Outer look means your dressing style. You should wear something which looks stylish, comfy and attractive. You don't need any designing and expensive wear. You need only simple cloths. Than the important thing is that you should use some perfumes, jewelry, and necklace. Because it increase guy's attention on you.

2. To show him that you are alone:

If you want to flirt with a guy than second important thing is that to show him that you are very alone in your life. Never stay in group. To show him that you are sitting or standing alone for at least some time, so that he can come close to you easily.

3. To act correctly:

There are different ways to act flirty; here are some of the best suggestions:


The eyes can be most important instrument for flirting guys. So first you should make eye contact with guy. For that when you are walking by him give him 2 to 5 second stare.


Smile is also an effective tool for flirting a guy. So please keep smiling on your face when you will meet him. You will find great response.

4. Come closer to him and start talk:

After showing to him that you are alone than you should move closer to him and start conversation. Start light talk with him but don't show him that you like him. Talk about his liking and disliking, talk about your surroundings, and ask a question.

5. Get to be familiar with him:

After he has come with you and started talking with him, you just try to find out that he is your type or not. If you feel comfy with him than carry on flirting.

So above all are the tips for girls that how to flirt with a guy. Lastly, if se is interested in you, never goes directly to be boyfriend. First start with become friends and than slowly become best friends, and than become boyfriend. So Good luck, Girls!

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