How To Get A Guy To Go Out With You 9 Effective Ways To Get A Guy To Hang Out With You!

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Published: 01st December 2008
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You know the guy and you are pretty confident that he like you and you are starting to get close to him as well. But still he has not taken that huge leap and asked to go out. Whilst you cannot force him to ask you to go out, there are certain things, which you can do, that will make him more interested in you and will ask you to go out. They are:

1. Let your gut think that he's doing the hunting

Guys love the thrill of chasing, hunting is in their genes, it is certainly the male thing. Be a little secretive as well as hard to catch and your guy may flock like the bees to honey. It means having a sagacity of your self worth; guys hate women that are clingy. Guys do not like boosting the ego of a woman; they love a genuine balanced person. Make your guy think he wants to take the initial move and start chasing.

2. Make the guy feel that he is Mr. Right

Stroke the ego of your guy, let your guy knew that you actually value them for what they are and as a person.

3. Laugh and enjoy his jokes

This is quite imperative that a guy thinks that he is funny in addition to witty, the guys are valued because of their sense of humor.

4. Never call him first

If a guy is actually interested in dating you, he will certainly call you in the initial week. The guy will contact you if he has to go out of the city and will be excited to meet you when he will coke back to town.

5. Never hang out with your friends in big groups

Few guys feels that reaching a girl in big groups is a bit intimidating. Hang in smaller groups this will make it simpler for the guy to contact or approach you.

6. You are interested in him but he is not paying attention

Guys are quite apprehensive and they want to get popular and feel liked. Do not pay attention for a while, do not get rude and do not get much harsh because you do not want to make a topic or an issue of this, just ignore him for some time. It may poke him why you are not paying that attention which you used to give him and surely, after a while your guy will approach you.

7. Show your guy some signal

When you are talking, you actually need to show hi some signals that you want him to go out with him. The most feasible approach is to discuss about the things which a couple generally do such as going for movies, out for lunch or dinner and in addition do not forget to mention that you do not have anyone to go out with.

8. Do not appear to be too desperate to go out with him

Desperation is a very big turn off for guys. It is a sort of indication that a girl is quite clingy and that may not appeal your guy and he may start ignoring you. Rather appear yourself, show your true self and a friendly interest.

9. Ask your guy yourself

If you guy is not asking to go out, you take the pleasure and ask him to go out. Remain positive and do not force him to go out with you. Behave as if you are just asking for a casual date or spend some quality time, do no show him that you like him and thus want to go out with him so you can know him better. Be normal and informal.

Besides, also attempt in the conversation snippets regarding boyfriends or girlfriends or relationships in order to identify that both of you are single and available.

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